EAS supported Defendec May 31, 2011

EAS supported Defendec team personal development training and consulting programs.

During the period of September 10th 2010 to May 31st 2011, European Social Funds and EAS supported Defendec's team financially by co-funding strategical consulting and technical awareness trainings among the key personnels of Defendec OÜ. 
Defendec is an innovative technology company that develops surveillance systems for border security and critical infrastructure protection in remote areas worldwide.

( Perioodil 10. september 2010 kuni 31.mai 2011 viidi Euroopa Sotsiaalfondi kaasrahastamisel läbi võtmeisikute strateegiline nõustamine ja tehniliste kompetentside tõstmise koolitus- ja nõustamis projekt Defendec OÜ töötajate seas. Projekt sai tuge EASi Teadmiste ja oskuste arendamise toetamise meetmest.)

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