Defendec and the US Enterprise PowerCon Energy systems have entered into a contract for the use of a network layer licence October 05, 2011

On September 1-st of this year, the Estonian high-tech enterprise Defendec, and the enterprise promoting the SmartGrid concept on the US market PowerCon Energy Systems, entered into a development and licensing contract, as a result of which the North American enterprise can take into use technology that enables the monitoring of the electricity consumption of private customers and, therefore, reasonably regulate the production and consumption volumes.

The concept of the so-called “smart technology” – increasingly popular throughout the world – is making its way to the electricity markets, in turn enabling increased awareness of use and the saving of energy in the future.

The SmartGrid concept enables one to dynamically steer energy consumption and production through the real-time monitoring of energy usage.

Energy saving is especially important in the case of large-volume consumption and in households, e.g. during holidays when energy consumption is higher than usual and also greater consumption fluctuations are possible.

When using the smart dust technology developed by Defendec, the final user can be informed of a more optimal consumption regime and subsequently notified when one should start saving more energy” said Jürgo Preden, Defendec's CTO

We selected Defendec because their smart dust software enables the implementation of large-volume networks, without the communication delay encountered with competing products” said Malcolm Welch, PowerCon Chairman.

The wireless sensor network technology developed in Estonia, with ultra-low energy consumption, is suitable for target groups with very high requirements, e.g. government institutions with high security standards, infrastructure enterprises, etc. The network layer solution used enables high-level security, and the information gathered by the system is not accessible to third parties.

Raili Somelar

Marketing and PR Manager

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