Defendec goes to Hannover Messe March 29, 2011


Enterprise Estonia is taking 13 Estonian companies to the world’s largest technology and indus- trial fair, being held in hannover from 4-8 April, with a joint national exhibition stand. 

Germany, as Estonia’s historical trade partner, is the fifth largest destination for Estonian exports, and com- panies would like to improve that position. First and foremost, the market is seen as a destination for innovative high-tech industrial products.

The objective of the participation is to present Estonia as an environment rich in opportunities for the integration of industrial companies, technology and research, where against the backdrop of a favourable business environment there is strong cooperation amongst companies, universities, research institutions and the manufacturing and IT sectors.

 " Defendec is one good example of Estonian hi-tech companies who are producing and developing innovative technology in a way that nobody else in the world does", says CEO of Defendec Jaanus Tamm.

“The economic environment in Estonia today has created highly competitive conditions for the integration of industrial companies, research and the services sector – local value chains are operational, starting with the development of a concept to the manufacturing of a prototype to the first mass-produced batches. Estonia has preserved its particular economic structure, where industrial, services and logistics companies and research centres from very different sectors oper- ate. In light of all of the above, Estonia might be described in terms of its economic structure and the comprehensiveness of its opportunities as the largest industrial park in the Nordic countries,” Allar Korjas, Director of the Export Division of Enterprise Estonia, explained. “It is innovative high- tech applications to change the world that will be on display at the Estonian exhibition stand,” Korjas affirmed.

It is a cross-section of innovative products by Estonian industrial companies that will be repre- sented at the joint exhibition stand:  smart IT solutions and innovative environmental monitoring systems are probably the highest peak of this stand this year.

 "At the fair, Defendec hopes to find capable partners interested in cooperation with whom to continue their development activities" comments Marketing Manager of Defendec Raili Somelar their aim for this exhibition.

"It is the first time to Defendec to participate such a big event as this industrial exhibition is. Experiences have shown that the participation of world's biggest exhibitions brings good and valuable contacts and exclusively positive feedback from market", says Tamm.

Defendec is a high technology company that provides and develops the best return of investment and maintenance free surveillance systems for remote areas in military, security and critical infrastructure sectors worldwide.

Raili Somelar

Marketing and PR Manager

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