Defendec in Thailand – Cambodian Joint Command Exercise 2012 August 30, 2012

In the period 20 – 24 August 2012 Defendec’s Smartdec system was fielded successfully in the joint exercise together as a part of Kestrel Technology Group. Over 200 people (military and civilian personnel) participated. 

The Thai-Cambodian Joint Exercise 2012 was conducted at Cha-Am. This was a Thai-Cambodian Supreme Commanders co-hosted event. The main objective of the exercise;

  • Capability development to identify and prepare for a variety of threats during natural disasters
  • Develop mitigation capabilities to contain and handle the major disasters

  • Train relevant personnel to oversee and orchestrate the overall effort.

  • The exercise deploys a multi-mission tool that can be quickly and easily deployed.
  • The tool facilitates provision of humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, medical/disease mapping, capacity building and law enforcement operations.
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About Kestrel Technology Group

Kestrel Technology (KT) specializes in sound semantic static analysis with applications in software security, reliability, and robustness. The core technology is abstract interpretation, implemented into a highly optimized, language-independent abstract-interpretation engine. KT’s mission is to develop software analysis tools that provide automated mathematical assurance of software correctness in a cost effective way, and to apply them to real world applications.

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