Defendec has a cooperation with Ukraine and Moldova October 19, 2010

Estonia Shares Schengen Experiences with Ukraine and Moldova

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Police and Border Guard Administration and Defendec OÜ lead a project to support Ukrainian and Moldovan border guards' to improve their technology.

Within the framework of a development co-operation project, the Foreign Ministry is supporting the Ukrainian and Moldovan border guards’ capability to prevent the illegal entrance of people and goods and is also helping them to use more modern border guard technology.

Modernising the border guard will help Ukraine and Moldova’s co-operation with the EU as well as improve the standard of living for people in both countries. Through this development co-operation project supported by Estonian Foreign Ministry, the use of  innovative information technology solutions in border controls will speed up the development of an e-state and thereby decrease corruption.

Within the framework of the project, Ukrainian and Moldovan border guard officials will be trained in guarding the land border, or “green border”, and Estonia will share its experiences in acceding to the European Union, NATO, and the Schengen visa space. 

The project is being carried out with the support of the Defendec OÜ in co-operation with the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, and the Ukrainian and Moldovan border guards.

 After the end of the project, the tools and hardware used will remain in the possession of the Moldovan and Ukrainian border guards.

The project is 3 phased: the next phase will take place in the beginning of December when Estonian delegation, incl. Defendec will visit Moldova and Ukraine.

The third phase will take place in 2011 when all devices will be installed and practically used by Ukrainian and Moldovan border guards.

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