The Smartdec and ReconEyez system is built upon smart dust technology developed for autonomous monitoring systems. The wireless system is up and running in minutes and can operate up to 400 days without a requirement for battery charge. 


We deploy wireless smart dust technology to provide a highly portable surveillance solution with minimum configuration requirements. 

battery lASTS MORE THAN 400 DAYS

A Smartdec system Detector is able to operate up to 400 days without a requirement for a battery charge. The long operation time is achieved by optimizing the operation of the device to minimize energy consumption. The main processor and the communication interface of the device is in a sleep state more than 90% of the time, enabling very low power consumption and thereby very long autonomous operation times. 


The installation of the Smartdec devices is very fast and easy – the device can be installed in five minutes and after the battery has been inserted into the device it is operational right away – there are no further configuration requirements. The enclosure of the device has a size of 13x9x11 centimeters, the weight of the device is 720 grams. The protection grade of the device is IP67. The Detector can be equipped with various camouflage overlays to reduce the exposure probability of the device. 


The communication is secured using an elliptic curve cryptography approach developed in-house.

Low nuisance alarm rate

The passive infrared sensor signal generated by the infrared sensor is analyzed using proprietary algorithms by a low power microcontroller and if the output signal is matched to the pattern of a human or a vehicle an alarm is triggered. This minimizes the probability of false positive alarms as natural phenomena that typically trigger infrared sensor alarms do not trigger an alarm in case of detectors.

resistant to harsh weather conditions

Devices have proven to be suitable with extreme weather conditions and temperatures ranging from -42 up to +60 degrees in Celsius in real life situations.

Autonomous mode

The Detector automatically enters the autonomous mode of operation if there is no data link available and it is able to store information for more than 4000 alarm events (including the visual associated with the alarm).

True mesh networking

Our advanced networking protocol allows for true mesh networking with direct node-to-node communication in a multi-hop manner

High tech with COTS prices

Our experienced engineers are able to integrate commersial off-the shelf (COTS) components into high tech products with proven results.

According to Jaanus Tamm, CEO of Defendec, the technology has essentially limitless application potential. It enables transforming extremely large wireless sensor networks into smart systems which simplify our daily lives. This unique innovation helps to connect sensors or equipment with low energy consumption into a very large wireless network. It creates completely new opportunities for using wireless data communication sensors to monitor large areas and objects – for instance increasing city safety, road traffic surveillance, perimeter monitoring or controlling large areas and monitoring logistics", Tamm describes the essence of the smart dust technology.